DNS Method Easy

First Check If Your Network Is Compatible

  • Visit https://ipv6-test.com/ in a browser while connected to your WiFi

  • If it says IPv6 Not supported This method will work for you! Continue on to the next steps.

  • If It says IPv6 Supported You will need to Disable IPv6 in your router's settings for this to work at all.

How To Set It Up

  • Open the settings on your Switch

  • Go to the internet section

  • Press "Internet Settings"

  • Select the name of the network you are currently using

  • Select Change settings

  • Go to "DNS Settings"

  • Select it and change it to "Manual"

  • Type this in the "Primary DNS" Box:

  • Type this in the "Secondary DNS" Box:

  • Select "Save" on the right

  • Restart Your Switch

  • Launch Minecraft

  • Select A Featured Server And Join

  • After Joining You Should See a Box Named "Server List" pop up

  • Select Connect To A Server

  • Enter play.teamloyal.tk in the IP box

  • Select Submit

Now You Are Able To Join Any Bedrock Server!