VIP+ Rank


  • Prefix in Chat.

  • Prefix on In-Game Name.

  • Set up to 10 Homes!

  • /tpaall - Sends a teleport request to everyone in-game.

  • /Kit Food - Gives you 30 Potatoes usable every hour

  • /pt - Power Tools, Let's you make an item activate a command.

  • 1 Free unban (Note: This does not mean you should use it to Hack/Cheat. Only Works On Bans Longer Than 1 Day. Non-Transferable)

  • 10 Kill Effects (Temporarily Disabled)

  • Gain access to the @Donator role in Discord and #donator-chat

How To Purchase

Purchasing a Rank On Loyal MC is very simple!

  • First Select The "Donate Now" Button Located On The Bottom Of The Screen.

  • You will be redirected to our Ko-Fi Page.

  • Select the Red Button labeled "Support".

  • For this donation enter $5 in the box. [Click To Convert Currency]

  • In the "Your message" box put your Minecraft Username.

  • Select Donate and select PayPal to donate.

Donate Now